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What We Do

We offer an engaging, thoroughly researched and well resourced learning experience which will deepen your students' understanding of World War 1 history.


Our workshops offer your students opportunities to handle artefacts and weapons, to try on clothing, uniform & webbing, to explore source material and images, for role play and hot-seating – whichever is appropriate and effective for the subject matter and your students' needs. Opportunities for research, writing and creative responses to learning can be incorporated or suggested as a follow-up.


Frontline Living History was set up by David Allton, an experienced teacher and living historian.

"I have always loved history; it's given me a tremendous respect for the people of the past as well as a sense of my own place in time.


Frontline Living History is about me using my skills and enthusiasm to communicate that passion, and to inspire others to engage actively with the past and understand how it shapes their lives today."

We can be very flexible about how we work with you and your students. If you've got something specific in mind, please ask. We'll talk to you before we visit to see how we can work most effectively together to deliver outstanding learning for your students.


Contact us today to find out more about how we can support & stimulate your students’ learning about the past.

Tommy prepared for gas, mid-war.

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